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 Our Mission...

Our Mission is to Educate, Promote, and Provide Networking opportunities to local businesses to positively impact community growth, business betterment, and value to our members. 

YABA is an 504 (c) nonprofit organization
with an all volunteer staff.

    what is yaba?


  • Youngsville Business directory
  • Facade Grant
  •  Art Projects throughout the town including 5 murals
  • "Town of Youngsville"  Sign at Main Street intersection
  • Town of Youngsville" Town Hall sign
  • Previously Calendars themed by "Days gone by"
  • Christmas Parade - YABA  sponsors the Santa float

                with the Town of Youngsville

  •  "Old Time Christmas" celebration after the parade
  • Christmas Care - Coordination since 2006 with   

                 local business, individuals, & churches     

                 to help children and families who

                 receive clothes, toys & food

                   Now handled by KIwanis Club

  •  Improvement of Mitchell & Luddy Park
  •  Historic Plaques -  Plaques denoting historical buildings

                 are being sold by YABA

  • Memorial bricks -  Bricks $50 per brick

                 Bricks sold to assist the finances of

                 Youngsville's brick walkway

                 First new walkway installation

                 was held June 20, 2006

  • Promotions -  throughout the year including:

                 Family Fest   ( sponsored by YABA)

                 Old Time Christmas  (sponsored by YABA)

                 Business Expo - An  Annual event held

                  in March to support development

                 of local businesses and non-profit organizations

Youngsville Area Business Association